HP latex print and cut system

HP latex print and cut system

Print and Cut Special offer prices*: 315 £12,250; 335 £14,450  + VAT

* After trade in and cash back. 315 model includes free take up reel worth £1280.

Why have HP produced a separate Latex print cut system instead of a combined one?

The answer is simple – so you have 50% more productivity.

A combined print and cut system is actually a print OR cut as you CANNOT do both at the same time.

When the combined printer has finished printing it is then put into cut mode and only then when it has finished cutting can you then resume your next print job.

With the HP Latex 315 or 335 printers and Summa cut system you can start your cutting job straight from the printer and as that is happily cutting away start your next print job… giving you 50% more productivity without sacrificing quality, speed or costs.

As the HP latex prints are instantly dry AND scratch resistant cutting can be done straight away – no need to wait for the prints to de-gas , dry or be laminated.

Whether you are producing labels on self adhesive vinyls, vehicle wrapping on cast vinyls or indoor and outdoor posters the HP Latex print and cut system is ideal and gives you fantastic quality prints at much faster speeds allowing you to turn your print jobs around in no time at all.

The software reads the prints instantaneously and passes the information through the RIP to the cutter so the cut marks are precise and cutting is neat and tidy and as the new HP latex printers now have lower curing temperatures cutting is trouble free and fast.

Worried space maybe an issue? Don’t be – compared to a Roland all in one device which takes up 8.0m2 the Latex and Summa cutter back to back is only 8.7m2 – just 0.7m2 more or equivalent to 3 waste paper baskets together.


Let us show you how well they work together – please give us a call to book your demonstration today on 0161 653 9310 or email equipment@entwistlegroup.com

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